• Accent Furniture

    Furniture chosen for its aesthetic appeal, such as to compliment another piece of furniture as part of a set. Can be functional or sometimes purely decorative.

  • Antique

    Any piece of furniture that is over a century old.

  • Acrylic

    A type of upholstery that is less soft, but more durable and which holds its shape well over time.

  • Arrow Back

    A chair back made from wide wooden slats that narrow to tapered tips.

  • Arrow Foot

    A tapered, cylindrical foot topped by a small ring.

  • Accent Chair

    Any type of chair chosen to match or complement the furniture in a living room or other seating area.

  • Adjustable Bed

    A bed with an adjustable surface, allowing the feet to be raised or the back to be lifted into a sitting position.

  • Armoire

    A tall, narrow piece of furniture with drawers for storing clothing.

  • Armchair

    A dining room chair with arms, which is usually placed at the head or foot of the table.

  • Antique Finish

    Finish designed to mimic the appearance of the natural process of aging, giving wood furniture the look of being antique.

  • Area Rug

    A rug that only covers a certain section of the floor

  • Abattant

    Also known as Secr?taire ? Abattant, a drop-front desk with drawers or cabinets underneath.

  • Acanthus

    Decorative carving in the shape of a leaf; specifically, the leaves of the Acanthus Spinosus plant.

  • Alder

    A type of wood from the Alder tree of the Birch family. A light brown hardwood used in making cabinets and other types of furniture.

  • Acetate

    A type of man-made cellulose fiber, used in some upholstery weaves.

  • Applique

    A decorative ornamental piece made by sewing one piece of material over another, such as decoration sewn onto upholstery.

  • Apron

    Also known as a skirt, a piece of wood beneath the seat rail of a chair or under a tabletop for support.

  • Art Deco

    A style from the 1920s and 1930s, consisting of geometric shapes in various bold and colorful patterns.

  • Ash

    A type of light colored hardwood, usually used in cabinets and wooden furniture.

  • Astragal

    A wooden strip or molding overlapping the seal between two doors, such as in a cabinet or armoire.

  • Arm Caps

    Fabric covers that fit over the arms of a chair or sofa to protect the upholstery.

  • Anthemion

    A carving in the shape of a stylized flower and leaves, resembling a honeysuckle.

  • Arabesque

    A carving designed with floral patterns with geometric scrolls, spirals, and zigzags.

  • Acroterion

    A classical or gothic type of carving which is mounted on the apex of a pediment, such as atop an armoire or dresser.

  • Alabaster

    A translucent white stone, often used in decorative carving, lamps, and candlesticks.

  • Andiron

    A metal support leg that holds wood in a fireplace.

  • Almond

    A reddish wood commonly used in high-grade cabinetwork.

  • Apple Wood

    A wood ranging from yellow to pink to orange, with interesting grain patterns that are useful for furniture and inlays.

  • Aniline Dyed

    Leather upholstery which has been dyed in a dye bath, rather than a coated finish, so that the dye fully penetrates the leather.

  • Amboyna

    A reddish-brown wood with a mottled grain, often used in veneers.

  • Angel Bed

    A type of bed that has a canopy supported by posts on the headboard, but not by the footboard.

  • A/V Cabinet

    A cabinet designed to store audio/video devices such as DVD players, video game consoles, etc.

  • Apothecary Chest

    A chest with small drawers, originally used to store herbs

  • Button Tufting

    Upholstery that is decorated with a geometric pattern of cloth-covered buttons.

  • Ball Foot

    A round, ball-shaped foot, usually found in 17th century style furniture.

  • Bun Foot

    A foot similar to a ball foot, but flatter and wider like an oval.

  • Barrel Back

    A chair where the back and arms are made of a single, continuous piece of curved wood.

  • Bow Back

    A chair back with a single, continuous piece for the arms and back, reinforced with spindles.

  • Brewster Chair

    A 17th century style chair made of multiple vertical and horizontal spindles and posts.

  • Bench

    A long, low seat for two to three people.

  • Bedroom

    A room containing a bed, dresser, and other furniture, where someone sleeps at night.

  • Bunk Ladder

    A ladder attached to a Bunk Bed or Loft Bed in order to climb into the upper bunk.

  • Bed Frame

    The metal support structure underneath a bed, which holds the box spring.

  • Blanket Chest

    A low chest with a hinged top, use for storing blankets and comforters.

  • Burl Veneer

    A type of veneer with a rough and irregular pattern made from knotted wood.

  • Bookmatched Veneer

    Veneer laid out with matching pieces that mirror each other identically.

  • Bail

    A type of handle made from a loop or ring.

  • Bombe

    A style of chest that bulges outward at the top and narrows at the bottom.

  • Bureau

    A chest of drawers used for storing clothing.

  • Bedroom Bench

    A bench with storage compartments for storing quilts and blankets.

  • Bedding

    Any kind of blankets, sheets, quilts, and comforters that are laid over a bed.

  • Bedding Set

    A matched set of blankets, sheets, pillow cases, and other bedding.

  • Box Spring

    The lower support of a bed, on top of which the mattress rests.

  • Baker?s Rack

    An open-fronted set of shelving, used for kitchen storage.

  • Butterfly Table

    A table with folding leaves that can be extended or folded in to change the size.

  • Bar Stools

    Tall seats which can come at either countertop height or bar height.

  • Buffet

    A dresser or cabinet used in the dining room to store kitchenware.

  • Butler?s Table

    A small table with folding legs, and sides that can be folded up so it can be carried like a tray.

  • Bar Height Stool

    A stool that stands between 30 to 32 inches, for use at a full sized bar.

  • Bar Height Table

    A table that stands between 30 to 32 inches, the same as the size of a bar. Often matched with bar height chairs.

  • Baby Furniture

    Furniture for use in a nursery, such as cribs, playpens, high chairs, etc.

  • Bookcase

    A piece of furniture with shelves, used for storing books and other items.

  • Bathroom Rack

    A storage rack for use in the bathroom, sometimes designed to fit over the back of the toilet.

  • Bean Bag Chair

    A seat made from a vinyl or cloth sack filled with stuffing that conforms to a person?s body shape.

  • Baize

    A soft fabric similar to felt, such as might be found on a poker table.

  • Bas-Relief

    A type of decorative carving that extends only slightly from the background.

  • Bentwood

    Wood that has been bent and curved using steam, such as to make the curved bottom legs of a rocking chair.

  • Bevel

    A sloped or slanted decorative edge around the border of a piece of furniture or a mirror.

  • Birch

    A type of light colored wood used to make furniture and plywood.

  • Blockfront

    A chest of drawers divided into three sections, with the center section set further back than the ends.

  • Bowfront

    A dresser or chest with a convex, or outward curving front.

  • Box Joint

    An interlocking finger joint in drawers, made from complementary rectangular cuts that fit together.

  • Bracket Foot

    A decorative foot to a chest or armoire, which extends at an angle from each corner of the furniture.

  • Brass

    A yellowish metal alloy commonly used for drawer handles, knobs, hinges, fasteners, and other decorative furniture pieces.

  • Breakfront

    A type of cabinet divided into three sections, with the center section extending further outward than the ends.

  • Brass Plated

    Furniture made from steel pieces that have been plated with a thin layer of brass for aesthetic purposes.

  • Baseball Stitching

    On cushions or upholstery, a double row of stitching along both sides of a seam, to reinforce the seam and add decoration.

  • Basket Weave

    Furniture made from weaving cane or rushes together similar to a basket. Can also refer to a type of fabric woven with a similar appearance.

  • Blended Fabric

    A type of upholstery made from different types of fibers woven together.

  • Brocade

    A type of upholstery made from thick fabric with a raised design.

  • Bi-cast Leather

    Leather upholstery made with split leather covered with a layer of polyurethane for a glossy appearance.

  • Beading

    A decorative border of embossed beads strung together in a row.

  • Beech

    A strong hardwood, often used in tables and chairs.

  • Bonded Leather

    Upholstery made from a mixture of leather and either polyurethane or vinyl. Has the same appearance as genuine leather, but at a lower cost.

  • Bamboo

    A hollow-jointed wood used to make chairs, tables, and other furniture.

  • Board and Batten

    Cabinets made with thin strips of wood (battens) placed over the seams between attached boards.

  • Bolster

    A long, thick, cylindrical pillow.

  • Barley-sugar Twist

    Furniture legs that have been shaped in a twisted spiral design.

  • Blind Tooled Leather

    Leather that has been decorated with heated tools to create embossed patterns and texture.

  • Broken Pediment

    An arched or drowned top of a cabinet or armoire, in which the two sides don?t meet at the peak and leave an open top.

  • Bird?s Eye Maple

    A valuable type of maple wood covered with small spots that resemble bird?s eyes.

  • Boxwood

    A dense, light colored wood commonly used for inlays.

  • Basswood

    A common hardwood with a creamy white or brown color.

  • Butternut

    Also known as white walnut, a light brown wood that is easy to work with.

  • Buffing

    Leather upholstery smoothed by a mechanical buffer to reduce blemishes.

  • Backbones

    Natural marks in leather upholstery that appear along the backbone of the hide.

  • Barcelona Chair

    An armless, leather upholstered chair with a stainless steel frame.

  • Bergere Chair

    An upholstered chair with an overstuffed cushion and a curved design to the frame and legs.

  • Baroque

    A furniture style with oversized, bold details and sweeping curves.

  • Boiserie

    A style of decorative woodworking with rich carvings, usually used as wood panels.

  • Bonnet Top

    A cabinet with a broken pediment in the shape of a flame or urn.

  • Banquette

    A long upholstered bench.

  • Bibliotheque

    A bookshelf.

  • Bullet/Peninsula Desk

    A desk which is rounded on one side, with the other side flat and placed up against the wall.

  • Bistro Table

    A small, round table used in dining nooks.

  • Cotton

    A soft, absorbent upholstery that is easy to clean and resistant to heat.

  • Coil Springs

    Wire coils in the seat and back of a sofa to give extra support.

  • Contemporary

    Furniture designed in a modern style.

  • Chair and a Half

    A cushioned and upholstered chair larger than a regular armchair, but smaller than a loveseat.

  • Camel Back

    A chair back with a curve or hump on top.

  • Channel Back

    An upholstered chair with the back sectioned into vertical grooves.

  • Comb Back

    A type of Windsor chair with an elongated back resembling a comb.

  • Club Chair

    An upholstered chair with a low back.

  • Cabriole Leg

    A furniture leg with an S-shaped curve, often ending with a base shaped like an animal?s foot or claw.

  • Captain?s Chair

    A chair with a short, curved back and arms supported by spindles.

  • Chaise Lounge

    A sofa or elongated chair designed for reclining.

  • Coils

    The springs inside a mattress that support a sleeper?s weight.

  • Coil Count

    The number of coils inside an innerspring mattress; the more coils there are, the better support the mattress provides.

  • Core

    The inside of a mattress, which may contain coils, foam, or foam-encased springs for support.

  • Captain?s Bed

    A Captain?s bed is designed with drawers underneath the bed for additional storage space.

  • Canopy Bed

    A canopy bed has four posters that support a canopy over the top of the bed.

  • California King Bed

    The longest standard bed size, though not as wide as a King Bed. Dimensions: 72 in ? 84 in

  • Center Support Rail

    An extra support rail across the center of a bed frame for extra strength.

  • Commode

    A low chest of drawers with short legs.

  • Chest

    A piece of furniture used for storage, usually with drawers or cabinets.

  • Chest on Chest

    A piece of furniture consisting of two stacked chests with drawers, a smaller one perched atop a larger one.

  • Crotch Veneer

    A type of veneer made from a V-shaped piece of wood formed where a tree?s branches meet the trunk.

  • Concealed Hinge

    A hinge hidden inside the door of a cabinet for a more aesthetically pleasing look.

  • Casters

    Small wheels attached to the bottom of furniture legs for easy moving.

  • Curio Cabinet

    A cabinet with glass doors and shelves, usually used to display trinkets and other collectibles.

  • Cheval Mirror

    A full-length mirror supported by two posts on either side which allow it to pivot.

  • Console

    A small table used to hold a TV or other electronics.

  • Casual Dinette Set

    A matched set of chairs and table used for casual dining, such as in the kitchen instead of the main dining room.

  • Cupboard

    A kitchen cabinet with shelves for holding food, plates, cups, and other kitchen supplies.

  • Corner Cupboard

    A triangular shaped cupboard designed to fit in the corner of a kitchen or dining room.

  • Casual Dinette Chairs

    Casual chairs such as might be found in a kitchen for everyday use.

  • Casual Dinette Table

    A simple table used for informal occasions and everyday use.

  • Card Table

    A felt-topped table, used for playing poker or other card games.

  • Coffee Table

    A long, narrow, low to the ground table, usually placed in the living room in front of the couch.

  • Cocktail Table

    A long, narrow table similar to a coffee table.

  • Counter Height Bar Stool

    A stool that stands between 24 to 26 inches, for use at a kitchen counter.

  • Counter Height Bench

    A bench for seating two or more people which stands between 24 to 26 inches, for use at a kitchen counter.

  • Counter Height Table

    A table that stands between 24 to 26 inches, the same as a kitchen counter. Often matched with counter height chairs.

  • Clock

    Any device which tells the time, whether digital or analog.

  • Changing Table

    A table with a padded top and railings, where a baby can be changed safely.

  • Crib

    A baby?s bed, usually tall with raised sides.

  • China Cabinet

    A cabinet with glass doors, used to display fine china.

  • Credenza

    A low, long piece of furniture with drawers and cabinets.

  • Coat Rack

    A tall standing post with pegs on top for hanging coats, scarves, and hats.

  • Corner Rack

    A multi-tiered storage rack shaped to fit comfortably in the corner of a room.

  • Cake Plate

    A plate raised on a central stem, used to hold a cake or dessert.

  • Centerpiece

    A vase or other decorative item placed at the center of a dining table for aesthetic effect.

  • Candle Holder

    A decorative piece designed to hold candles.

  • Candle Jar

    A decorative jar that holds candles, with a lid so the candle can be stored when not in use.

  • Candlesticks

    Matches sets of thin, decorative sticks that hold thin candles.

  • Cable Molding

    A type of decorative molding that resembles the shape of a rope.

  • Chifforobe

    A piece of furniture with a tall space on one side for hanging clothes, and a set of drawers on the other side.

  • Canterbury

    A small book rack or magazine stand with a handle and wheels.

  • Cabochon

    A decorative piece in the shape of a polished, round gem, sometimes mounted on decorative carvings or the legs of furniture.

  • Celadon

    A type of East Asian green porcelain, used in lamps and decorative pieces.

  • Chamfer

    A decorative furniture design in which the corner is cut away to make a symmetrical sloping surface.

  • Chevron

    V-shaped decorative patterns, such as in upholstery.

  • Chip Carving

    A style of decorative woodwork made by chipping out a pattern in a wooden panel.

  • Coquillage

    Furniture designed with patterns of decorative shells.

  • Cresting

    Carved decorative patterns across the top rail of a chair, mirror, or headboard.

  • Cherry Wood

    The bright red or reddish wood of a cherry tree, popular in many types of furniture.

  • Chinoiserie

    Western art or furniture designed in imitation of Chinese styles and motifs.

  • Cornice

    An ornamental molding projecting from the top corners of a piece of furniture, such as a dresser or armoire.

  • Cornucopia

    A decorative carving shaped like a horn overflowing with fruit.

  • Corduroy

    A type of upholstery made from a thick cotton fabric with ridges.

  • Cut Velvet

    A type of upholstery made from velvet with the pile cut into different levels to make patterns.

  • Catalyzed Lacquer

    A clear, glossy coating applied to wood for protection and aesthetic appeal, with a catalyst added to accelerate the process and reducing curing time.

  • Chintz

    Upholstery made from brightly colored and polished fabric.

  • Cedar

    Wood with a sweet odor that is often used in chests.

  • Cypress

    A hardwood that is resistant to decay and commonly used in wood paneling.

  • Chromium Tanning

    Leather upholstery which has been tanned with chromium salts to increase flexibility.

  • Corrected Grain Leather

    Leather upholstery which has had the grain buffed out and replaced with a newly finished surface.

  • Crocking

    When one type of upholstery material rubs off on another, leaving color smudges.

  • Crust

    Unfinished leather upholstery which has been tanned and dyed.

  • Curing

    A process by which leather is immersed in a salt solution to protect it from deterioration.

  • Colonial

    Furniture styled after the 18th century designs, often made of oak, pine, maple, cherry, or mahogany.

  • Cottage Furniture

    A furniture style with simple, casual designs and painted surfaces.

  • Country Style

    A furniture style with handcrafted, natural designs and a more rustic look.

  • Cellaret

    A portable chest for storing wine bottles and glasses.

  • Coromandel

    A heavy, hard wood with a hazel brown color and black stripes, highly valued for its distinct appearance.

  • Cambric

    A fine, lightweight cloth often used in upholstery.

  • Chai Back Sofa

    A type of sofa with a back that resembles several chairs set side by side.

  • Caquetoire

    An armchair with a high, narrow back and a trapezoid-shaped seat.

  • Cassapanca

    A long wooden bench with arms and a back, and a hinged seat revealing a storage compartment underneath.

  • Chaise Fumeur

    A small chair, designed to be straddled with one?s forearms resting on the back.

  • Coffer

    A large, hinged-top chest that can double as a table or seat.

  • Confident

    An S-shaped chair which allows two people to sit while facing opposite directions.

  • Casegoods

    A term referring to any non-upholstered furniture, such as tables, cabinets, and shelves.

  • Campaign Chair

    A foldable chair consisting of a sling seat supported by a collapsible scissor-like structure.

  • Diamond Tufting

    Button tufting in a series of diamond-shaped patterns.

  • Day Bed

    A bed with arm rests and a back rest, which can be used for seating during the day, then for sleeping at night.

  • Dresser

    A wide, short piece of furniture with drawers for storing clothing.

  • Door Chest

    An armoire with two doors at the top and drawers underneath.

  • Drawer Chest

    A dresser with drawers used to store clothing.

  • Drawer Glide

    The metal track inside a drawer, which allows the drawer to slide in and out.

  • Double Sided Mattress

    A mattress with padding on both sides, allowing it to be flipped when one side starts to wear out.

  • Drop Leaves

    The extended leaves of a table that can be folded down when not in use.

  • Distressing

    A finishing process which has intentional imperfections in order to give the furniture a more rustic look.

  • Desk Lamp

    A small lamp with a moveable neck that allows the light to be repositioned.

  • Davenport

    A compact writing desk; alternatively, another name for a sleeper sofa.

  • DVD Rack

    A tall storage rack with slots for holding CDs and DVDs.

  • Decorative Bowl

    A bowl that is used to store fruit, candy, or decorative items for display on a table.

  • Dacron

    Upholstery made from polyester fiber.

  • Damask

    Upholstery made from a tightly woven fabric that has the pattern visible from both sides.

  • Dentil Molding

    Decorative molding made from evenly spaced blocks resembling teeth.

  • Dovetail Joint

    An interlocking joint made with fan-shaped teeth that hold with extra strength.

  • Dowel

    A round wooden pin or rod used to hold two pieces of wood together, particularly in ready-to-assemble furniture.

  • Denim

    Upholstery made from a strong, tightly-woven fabric.

  • Down

    Padding or stuffing made from duck or goose feathers.

  • Demilune

    A type of crescent shaped or half-moon table.

  • Dished Corner

    A hollowed-out space on the corners of a poker table, used for holding money.

  • Distressed Leather

    Leather upholstery which has been processed to mimic the appearance of aged leather.

  • Drum Dyed

    Leather upholstery which has been dyed by full immersion in a drum, which helps ensure the dye is fully absorbed.

  • De-hairing

    A process by which hides are treated with a lime solution, which removes the hair and fats from the leather.

  • Dumbwaiter Table

    A serving table with several tiered circular trays mounted on a central shaft, with the trays arranged from the smallest at the top to the largest at the bottom.

  • Dobby Weave

    An upholstery weave with a decorative, geometric design.

  • Dash Top

    A round tabletop with a raised outer rim.

  • Duchesse Brisee

    A matched set of armchairs and an ottoman that can be nested together to form a chaise lounge.

  • Director?s Chair

    A folding armchair with a sling seat.

  • Divan

    A sofa without arms or a back, usually placed against the wall with cushions.

  • Easy Chair

    A lounge chair or recliner.

  • Eurotop Mattress

    A mattress with an extra layer of quilted padding, which is attached to the mattress under the outer cover for increased durability.

  • Entertainment Center

    A large, multi-compartment piece of furniture that can hold a television, stereo, and other electronics.

  • Entertainment Armoire

    A piece of furniture with drawers and compartments for holding electronics, and two doors in front that can be opened to reveal the television.

  • End Table

    A small, short table, usually placed at either end of a couch.

  • Electric Fireplace

    An electric heater with a faux-fire display that mimics the look and feel of a traditional fireplace.

  • Ebonized

    Dark-stained wood, polished to look like ebony.

  • Embossed

    A type of design made by applying pressure to the wood instead of carving, resulting in a low-relief design.

  • Ebony

    An expensive, deep black wood, commonly used for inlays.

  • Embossed Leather

    Leather upholstery with printed, raised patterns in place of the natural grain.

  • Eames Lounge Chair

    A low-seated chair swivel set in a permanent recline, with a matching ottoman.

  • Egg Chair

    An upholstered chair with a round shape designed to cradle a person as they sit.

  • Early American

    A furniture style with little decoration and straight lines.

  • Empire

    A furniture style with classical motifs and the combination of curves and straight lines originally found in the early 1800s.

  • Estagnier

    A shelf that is mounted on the wall, usually used for displaying plates and china above the kitchen area.

  • Ergonomic

    Furniture which is designed to be adjustable for the user?s maximum comfort.

  • Fiddle Back

    A chair back shaped like a fiddle.

  • Futon

    A low sofa that can be turned into a bed by lowering the back side so the mattress lays flat.

  • Four Poster Bed

    A bed with four high posts at each corner, designed to hold up curtains that surround the bed or to be purely decorative.

  • Finials

    Decorative pieces capping the tops of bed posts.

  • Footboard

    A panel of wood at the foot of the bed.

  • Full Bed

    Also known as a Double Bed, a Full Bed is a medium-sized bed. Dimensions: 54 in ? 75 in

  • Folding Bed

    A bed on a folding frame, which allows the bed to be folded up and tucked away for storage.

  • Feather Banding

    Bands of veneer laid diagonally against each other to create a feather-like design.

  • Firm Mattress

    A mattress with a tight layer of cushioning for the maximum support, but with less flexibility than softer mattresses.

  • Foam Encased Mattress

    A mattress with coils encased in foam for extra durability and support.

  • Foam Density

    A measurement of the density of the material in a memory foam mattress, which affects the firmness and support.

  • Foundation

    A base which rests under a bed and supports the mattress.

  • Formal Dining Room Set

    A matched set of formal dining furniture, such as a dining table, chairs, and centerpieces.

  • Formal Dining Room

    A dining room with higher quality furniture, usually reserved purely for dining rather than for casual household use.

  • Formal Dining Room Table

    A large table used for formal dining, sometimes with extra panels that can be added to adjust the table?s size.

  • Floor Lamp

    A tall, freestanding lamp with a wide base.

  • Folding Screen

    A type of room divider made from several tall panels with hinges allowing the screen to be folded for storage.

  • Fireplace

    A hearth connected to a chimney, where a fire can be lit inside the home.

  • File Cabinet

    A narrow cabinet with tall drawers, used for storing files and paperwork.

  • Faux Finish

    A type of decorative finish designed to imitate the natural look of the wood.

  • Fiberfil

    Polyester material used as cushion filling.

  • Finger Joint

    Joints made from interlocking finger-like projections at the end of a piece of wood.

  • Formica

    A durable plastic laminate material used on countertops.

  • Flat Weave

    Any type of upholstery without piles, such as satin or tweed.

  • Flounce

    A strip of fabric gathered or pleated and sewn into a piece of fabric as decoration.

  • Full Grain Leather

    Leather upholstery that has not been sanded, buffed, or in other ways altered.

  • Ferrule

    A metal ring, cap, or casing attached to the bottom of chair and table legs for extra strength and aesthetic purposes.

  • Fluting

    Parallel grooves carved into the length of a chair or table leg for decoration.

  • Fretwork

    An ornamental geometric design cut with a fret saw, scrolls saw, or jig saw.

  • Fir

    A wood with uniform texture that is commonly used for veneer.

  • Fat Liquoring

    A method of replacing depleted oils to leather in order to ensure fiber cohesion and uniform coating of the leather.

  • Fat Wrinkle

    A natural wrinkle in leather upholstery, usually seen in Full Grain Leather.

  • Fauteuil

    An open-armed chair with an upholstered seat and back, based on a French design.

  • Federal

    A furniture style from early American times, usually in mahogany, and often featuring an eagle as a design ornament.

  • Flip-top

    A table with two leaves, where one is flipped and folded over the other when not in use.

  • Gimp

    Folded fabric used to conceal fasteners or tacks in the upholstery.

  • Glider

    A type of rocking chair that rocks by moving back and forth like a swing on a support frame.

  • Grain

    The natural, directional patterns in wooden furniture.

  • Gentle Firm Mattress

    A mattress with a not quite as tight as a firm mattress, but still offering a high level of support.

  • Gel Mattress

    A mattress made out of a special gel that is designed to stay cool and absorb your body?s heat.

  • Gateleg Table

    A table with hinged legs that fold outward, to support extended leaves hinged to the tabletop.

  • Gallery Rail

    A small, ornamental railing around the edges of a tabletop.

  • Grandfather Clock

    A tall, classical clock with a pendulum.

  • Gadrooning

    A decorative motif made from a series of convex curves in a design similar to flower petals.

  • Gilding

    Decoration made by applying thin gold leaf to the surface of wood.

  • Gold Leaf

    Gold which has been hammered to paper-thinness, used for decoration.

  • Grotesque

    Furniture decoration in the form of mixed animals, humans, and plants blended together in a carving.

  • Guilloche

    A decorative motif made from a series of continuous, braided or twisted strands.

  • Granite

    A hard, durable rock that can be used for countertops and tabletops.

  • Glazed Leather

    Leather with a coating that provides protection and a glossy finish.

  • Gloss Finish

    A leather coating that adds greater shine and enhanced texture.

  • Ghost Chair

    A stylish plastic chair named for its see-through color.

  • Georgian

    A furniture style, primarily in mahogany and walnut, based on English designs from the 1700s.

  • Gueridon

    A small table with a circular top, upon with a candelabra is placed.

  • Greek Revival Style

    A furniture style using free interpretations of ancient Greek forms.

  • Grommet

    A hole in the top, sides, or back of a piece of office furniture, through which cords and cables can be threaded down to the floor.

  • Ganging Chairs

    Chairs that can be locked together at the seat and/or legs to create a single unit.

  • Ganging Tables

    Tables that can be locked together or mounted between Ganging Chairs to create a single unit.

  • Horseshoe Back

    A curved chair back with an outward splay at its base.

  • Hock Leg

    A Cabriole leg with a broken curve on the inner edge.

  • Hitchcock Chair

    A chair with a rush seat and a high, slightly bent back.

  • Headboard

    A panel of wood at the head of the bed.

  • Highboy

    A tall chest raised on four legs.

  • Hutch

    A cabinet mounted atop a chest or desk.

  • Hope Chest

    A chest with a hinged lid, used to store a woman?s clothing in anticipation of marriage.

  • Hypoallergenic

    A type of mattress that reduces allergens for a better night?s rest.

  • Harvest Table

    A narrow, rectangular table with drop leaves.

  • Hand Rubbed Finish

    A finishing process done by hand in order to give a more antique appearance.

  • High Chair

    A tall chair where a baby sits while eating, with a tray table attached and safety straps to keep the baby in place.

  • Hall Tree

    A piece of furniture that stands in a hallway, with pegs and storage compartments for hanging coats and storing other items.

  • Helicals

    Small, tightly coiled wires or springs attached to the sides of adjacent flat springs.

  • Horsehair Upholstery

    A sturdy, glossy type of upholstery made from hair from the tail or mane of a horse.

  • Hemlock

    A lightweight wood often used in paneling.

  • Hickory

    A strong, hard, tough wood, commonly used in chairs and lawn furniture.

  • Holly

    A light, white wood commonly used for inlay and marquetry.

  • Hand Rubbed Leather

    Leather upholstery which has the dye applied by hand for greater depth of color and a softer feel.

  • Hand

    A term used to describe how soft leather is to the touch and how it feels in the hand.

  • Hide

    The raw, unprocessed animal skin that is used to make leather.

  • Hassock

    A tightly stuffed upholstered cushion, sometimes used as a footstool.

  • Handkerchief Table

    A drop-leaf table in a triangular shape, which becomes a square shape when the leaf is raised.

  • Haircloth

    A type of upholstery made from a mixture of horsehair and linen.

  • Inlay

    Multiple veneers arranged in a decorative pattern.

  • Innerspring Mattress

    A mattress filled with coiled springs that offer comfort and support.

  • Intarsia

    A decorative pattern or mosaic inlaid into the surface of wood.

  • Irish Furniture

    Rare antique 18th-century furniture, highly prized by collectors.

  • Jewelry Armoire

    A small armoire with drawers and compartments for storing jewelry.

  • Jardinere

    An ornamental plant stand.

  • Japanning

    A finishing process in imitation of a Japanese design, which involves colored shellac, paint, and gilt.

  • Jacobean

    A box-like, practical furniture style from the 1600s with properties similar to Baroque.

  • King Bed

    The widest standard bed size, through not as long as a California King Bed. Often has two side-by-side box springs. Dimensions: 76 in ? 80 in

  • Kids Bedroom Set

    A matched set of children?s bedroom furniture, usually including a bed, dresser, nightstand, etc.

  • Knock Down Furniture

    Furniture that is partially assembled and delivered in pieces that require a small amount of assembly.

  • Kitchen

    A room in the home used for preparing and serving food.

  • Kitchen Cart

    A piece of furniture with drawers and compartments for use in the kitchen, mounted on wheels to be easily moved.

  • Kneehole Desk

    A desk with an open area underneath for a person?s knees.

  • Kick Pleat

    A pleated skirt across the bottom of an upholstered chair or sofa.

  • Kodel

    A brand of upholstery made from a blend of cotton and polyester.

  • Kiln Dried

    Wood that has been dried to reduce the moisture content and reduce splitting and damage.

  • Kingwood

    A rich, violet-brown wood with distinct markings that is favored for furniture.

  • Living Room

    A common gathering area in the home, usually containing couches, chairs, and tables for entertaining guests.

  • Living Room Sets

    Sets of furniture which can include couches, chairs, sofas, sectionals, coffee tables, end tables, and other furniture for your living room. Sets usually come in matching styles.

  • Loose Back

    Sofas with loose, detachable pillows.

  • Lawson

    An overstuffed sofa with square cushions and a squat back.

  • Loveseat

    A small couch or sofa, usually for two people.

  • Ladder Back

    A chair back made from horizontal wooden slats similar in appearance to a ladder.

  • Loop Back

    A chair back in an oval shape.

  • Loft Bed

    Also known as a Bunk Bed, a Loft Bed consists of two beds, with one raised on a tall frame above the other. Sometimes includes other additions like drawers and shelves.

  • Lingerie Chest

    A narrow dresser with smaller drawers for storing small pieces of clothing.

  • Lowboy

    A short table or chest, sometimes used as a base under a highboy.

  • Latex Mattress

    A mattress made from latex foam which is antimicrobial and resistant to dust.

  • Laundry Hamper

    A large storage bin for holding dirty clothing.

  • Luggage Rack

    A folding rack designed to hold a suitcase during packing and unpacking.

  • Lyre Table

    A table with a pedestal shaped like a lyre, which is an ancient stringed instrument.

  • Laminate

    A protective material used to cover countertops or tables for easier cleaning.

  • Leather Match

    A sofa with genuine leather used on the cushions, while the body of the sofa is upholstered with vinyl dyed to match the appearance of the leather.

  • Lauan

    A brown or dark red hardwood used in less expensive furniture.

  • Lime

    A light colored wood used for inlays and marquetry.

  • Limestone

    Grey stone commonly used in furniture and countertops.

  • Louis XIV Chair

    A chair made from hand-carved walnut with a high back and a large, cushioned seat.

  • Lattice

    A framework made from criss-crossed strips of wood or metal.

  • Louvered Doors

    Cabinet or armoire doors that consist of horizontal wooden slats.

  • Lopers

    Poles that can be pulled from the sides of a cabinet to support a fold-down desktop.

  • Locking Cam System

    An assembly system for ready-to-assemble furniture which uses a metal cylinder that rotates to lock onto a joint.

  • Lateral File

    A filing cabinet which can store files side by side instead of only front to back.

  • Lumbar Support

    A support built into the back of a chair to help hold the natural curve of a person?s back.

  • Microfiber

    Super thin fibers used to make more resilient and stain-resistant material.

  • Massage Chair

    A recliner with electric massage units built directly into it.

  • Master Bedroom

    The main bedroom of the house, usually belonging to the parents of the family.

  • Metal Bed

    A strong bed made from a sturdy metal frame.

  • Media Chest

    A piece of furniture designed to hold televisions and electronics, with storage drawers and compartments.

  • Mattress

    The thick, padded support of a bed where a person sleeps. May be made with coiled springs, memory foam, or air chambers for the sleeper?s support.

  • Memory Foam Mattress

    A mattress made from a resilient foam that conforms to the body?s shape and helps distribute a sleeper?s weight more easily.

  • Magazine Table

    A small table with drawers or racks meant to hold magazines.

  • Magazine Rack

    A rack with one or more compartments that holds magazines, newspapers, or books.

  • Mantel

    A shelf across the top of a fireplace, where pictures and collectibles can be stored.

  • Muntin

    A supporting bar or strip of wood between adjacent panels of glass, such as on a china cabinet?s doors.

  • Magnolia

    A light-colored wood used to make furniture.

  • Mahogany

    A high quality wood often used in cabinet making.

  • Maple

    A lightweight, pale hardwood, usually found in cheaper furniture.

  • Marquetry

    A decorative technique of applying small, flat pieces of wood in elaborate patterns on a veneered surface.

  • Molding

    A decorative strip of wood used for ornamentation.

  • Mortise-and-tenon

    A technique in which a hole is cut into one piece of wood and a matching peg carved into another so they can be fit together in a secure joint.

  • Medallion

    An ornamental relief pattern in a circular frame, such as in a mirror.

  • Miter Joint

    A joint that fastens two pieces of wood at a 90 degree angle.

  • Mesquite

    A dark hardwood used in furniture making.

  • Metal Laminate

    Durable, easy to clean laminates used for countertops and tabletops. Similar to other laminates, but with a thin layer of metal on top in a variety of finishes.

  • Marble

    An expensive white, veined stone used for tabletops and countertops.

  • Mineral Tanning

    A tanning process using mineral agents which is faster than Vegetable Tanning, and results in a more stretchable leather.

  • Matte Finish

    A low-gloss finish which is applied to leather for enhanced texture.

  • Micropigment

    A finishing process that colors the hide with clear, transparent pigments for a more uniform shade.

  • Milling/Tumbling

    A leatherworking process where hides are tumbled in heated drums to increase softness.

  • Marbling

    A decorative technique using finish or paint to create streaks of color similar to those found in marble.

  • Mule Chest

    A type of chest with drawers underneath and a hinged top above with a storage compartment.

  • Meridienne

    A type of sofa that has one arm higher than the other.

  • Mohair

    A type of upholstery made from a lustrous cotton-wool blend.

  • Motif

    The theme or dominant feature of a furniture design, such as a repeated design feature found in all pieces of a matched set.

  • Nylon

    A commonly used upholstery with high durability and resistance to soiling.

  • Nailhead Trim

    Decorative trim along the edges of the upholstery on a chair or sofa.

  • Night Stand

    A small table or cabinet that sits next to the bed.

  • Nesting Tables

    A set of tables that can be stacked together with each smaller table fitting underneath another.

  • Nu-kane

    A type of man-made material used in place of natural cane and manufactured from wood pulp.

  • Nicking

    Wood carving made by gouging out a pattern with a rounded gouge.

  • Nubuck Leather

    Leather upholstery with a sanded surface, coated with a sealant and dyed to a uniform color.

  • Naked Leather

    Tanned and aniline dyed leather without an additional top coating of finish.

  • Neoclassical

    A furniture style with simple designs based on ancient Greek or Roman features.

  • Neorococo

    A furniture style with a great deal of embellishment and decoration.

  • Olefin

    A soft upholstery that is resistant to mildew and thus very useful in humid climates.

  • Office Chair

    An adjustable, wheeled chair on a pivoting base.

  • Ottoman

    An upholstered foot rest or low stool with no back.

  • Overhead Floor Lamp

    A lamp with a wide base and one or more lights mounted at the end of long, arched arms which reach overhead, allowing the lamp to hang over furniture.

  • Office Furniture

    Desks, file cabinets, chairs, and other furniture used in an office.

  • Office L Desk

    An L-shaped desk that sits in the corner of an office.

  • Ogee

    A molding edge with an S-shape.

  • Ovolo

    A convex molding shaped like a quarter-circle, fitted into a corner for decoration.

  • Oak

    A light-colored hardwood commonly used in furniture.

  • Oil Tanned

    Leather that has been tanned using oils that make it more soft and pliable.

  • Polyester

    A type of upholstery that is durable and easy to clean.

  • Piping

    Individually stuffed strips or pipes of upholstery on a piece of furniture?s back.

  • Pad Foot

    A round foot with a circular base, usually at the end of a Cabriole leg.

  • Panel Bed

    A bed with tall, flat headboards and footboards, which may be decorated with molding and groove work.

  • Platform Bed

    A platform bed sits low to the floor, and typically doesn?t need a box spring for support.

  • Pressure Points

    The points on a mattress where pressure can build up while sleeping, usually around the shoulders and hips.

  • Pillowtop Mattress

    The softest style of mattress, with extra padding for maximum comfort.

  • Plush Mattress

    A softer style of mattress with less support but more comfort.

  • Punch-out Back

    Panel backing on an entertainment center with sections that can be punched out to make room for cables and wires.

  • Parsons Table

    A rectangular table with straight, blocky legs.

  • Pedestal Table

    A table supported by a single central pedestal in place of legs.

  • Pedestal Desk

    A desk supported by a pair of pedestals on either end.

  • Playpen

    A portable piece of furniture with raised sides and a padded bottom, where a small baby can play safely.

  • Plant Stand

    A small table or pedestal that holds a potted plant.

  • Planter

    A decorative container for holding plants.

  • Paperweight

    A decorative item used to hold down stacks of paper.

  • Pile Weave

    Any type of upholstery with raised nap, such as velvet or corduroy.

  • Polystyrene

    A synthetic material used to reproduce wood trim or frames.

  • Polyurethane

    A synthetic foam material used for couch cushions.

  • Print

    A fabric with a decorative design printed onto the surface, instead of being woven into the material itself.

  • Pegged Joint

    A joint that holds two pieces of wood together with wooden pegs.

  • Palmette

    A decorative woodworking technique consisting of fan-shaped leaves like a palm tree.

  • Pearling

    A decorative pattern of round shapes in the appearance of a string of beads or pearls.

  • Poplar

    A type of wood that is common in woodworking because it is inexpensive and easy to work with.

  • Plywood

    Manufactured wood created by alternating layers of wood with the grains perpendicular to each other.

  • Poly Dacron Wrap

    A seat cushion made from a soft polyester material wrapped around a polyurethane core.

  • Pressboard

    Also known as particle board, a strong, glazed wood often used as the backing of a shelf.

  • Patina

    A natural wood finished made over time by age and regular polishing.

  • Pickled Finish

    A wood finishing technique of rubbing white paint onto already stained and finished wood.

  • Patera

    Oval carving on the skirts and legs of tables.

  • Pediment

    An arched or crowned top of a cabinet or armoire.

  • Pearwood

    A light colored wood commonly used in carving.

  • Pine

    A type of wood that is resistant to swelling and warping, commonly used for furniture and molding.

  • Pecan

    A strong hardwood commonly used in dining room and office furniture.

  • Pure Aniline

    Leather upholstery that has been Aniline Dyed and shows off the natural markings and grain of the leather.

  • Patina

    A term used to refer to the surface luster of leather which grows more beautiful over time.

  • Pigment Finish

    Leather upholstery which has been coated with a colored pigment for a more uniform shade and resistance to fading.

  • Papasan Chair

    A large, round chair with a bowl-like shape, often with a wicker or rattan base.

  • Parsons Chair

    An armless chair with a straight-lined back and a cushioned back and seat.

  • Polychrome

    A term referring to decorations that include three or more colors.

  • Provincial

    A furniture style based on simple, peasant-like designs.

  • Partner?s Desk

    A large desk that seats two people, one on each side, facing each other.

  • Portemanteau

    A coat rack or hall tree.

  • Porte-parapluies

    An umbrella stand.

  • P-top Desk

    Similar to a Bullet Desk, but with an P-shaped extension on the rounded end.

  • Pneumatic Height Adjustment

    An adjustment on an office chair that allows the seat to be moved up and down.

  • Queen Bed

    A large bed, designed for two sleepers. Dimensions: 60 in ? 80 in

  • Quilting

    Upholstery made from two layers of fabric sewn together with padding in between.

  • Quartz

    A sparkling stone commonly used in flooring.

  • Queen Anne Chair

    An upholstered chair with a horseshoe-shaped seat and cabriole legs.

  • Rayon

    A commonly used upholstery with a soft feel and good durability.

  • Reclining Sofas

    A sofa with a reclining back and extendable footrest, which can be adjusted into various positions based on your comfort needs.

  • Reclining Loveseat

    A two-person couch or sofa with a reclining back and an extendable footrest.

  • Recliner

    A cushioned armchair with a reclining back and extendable footrest, which can be adjusted into various positions based on your comfort needs.

  • Rattan

    A chair made from slender, woven stems.

  • Rocker

    A chair with curved legs that allows someone to rock back and forth.

  • Rail

    A horizontal beam connecting the headboard and footboard.

  • Roll Slats

    A series of parallel wooden slats, which can be used as a mattress support in place of a box spring.

  • Ready to Assemble

    Furniture that is delivered incomplete and needs to be fully assembled.

  • Rug

    A thick, shaggy or woven fabric that covers part of the floor.

  • Roll-top Desk

    A writing desk with a cover that can be slid down when not in use.

  • Room Divider

    Any item used by interior designers to divide a room into separate spaces

  • Rack

    A piece of furniture with hooks, compartments, or pegs for storing items.

  • Reeding

    Convex parallel grooves along the lengths of a chair or table leg.

  • Rising Sun Pattern

    A wood carved pattern in a semi-circular shape with a design that looks like the rays of a rising sun.

  • Rosette

    A rose-shaped ornament, such as might be found as part of a decorative wood carving.

  • Rosewood

    A dark hardwood, usually used as a veneer.

  • Running Ornament

    Any type of decorative carving or gilding designed as a continuous pattern of flowing lines.

  • Rush

    A type of woven reed commonly used for the seat of a chair.

  • Rolled Arms

    Sofa arms with flare outward then loop back down to connect to the side of the sofa in a roll-shape.

  • Ruffled Pleat

    Unlined fabric gathered together in a sofa skirt to create a ruffled design.

  • Redwood

    A lightweight wood often used in outdoor furniture.

  • Renaissance

    A furniture style with classical designs based on biblical or mythological figures.

  • Recamier

    A long, upholstered chair designed for relaxing and reclining.

  • Roundabout Chair

    A chair with a rounded back and a rectangular seat set on a diagonal so that it can fit in the corner of a room.

  • Radius Styling

    Rounded corners on tables, desks, credenzas, etc.

  • Sectionals

    Sofas made of modular units that can be rearranged into various different combinations.

  • Sofa

    An upholstered, cushioned piece of furniture that usually seats up to three people.

  • Silk

    An expensive, but strong and resilient upholstery.

  • Swatch

    A sample piece of upholstery fabric.

  • Semi-attached Back

    A sofa with cushions attached at the back, but not on the sides.

  • Stationary Sofas

    Solid or straight-backed sofas that often come as part of a living room set.

  • Sleeper

    A sofa with a foldaway mattress that can be extended to convert it into a bed.

  • Stationary Loveseat

    A small, solid or straight-backed sofa designed for two people.

  • Swivel Chair

    A chair on a rotating base that can revolve 360 degrees.

  • Spindle Back

    A chair back made with wooden spindles between the seat and the top rail of the frame.

  • Splat Back

    A chair back made from a broad, flat piece of wood, possibly carved with decorative designs.

  • Shield Back

    A chair back shaped like a shield with an arched top and ellipsed bottom.

  • Stretchers

    Horizontal braces that reinforce the legs of a chair or table.

  • Spiral Leg

    A table or chair leg that has a twisted, spiral design like a rope.

  • Storage Ottoman

    An upholstered foot rest or low stool with a hinged top and a storage compartment inside.

  • Swivel Rocker

    A rocking chair that also swivels on a rotating base.

  • Settee

    A long, upholstered bench with a back and arms.

  • Sleigh Bed

    A bed designed to look like a sleigh, with a high, curved headboard and a shorter, also curved footboard.

  • Semainier

    A tall bedroom chest with seven drawers.

  • Sleep Set

    A common term used for a matching mattress and box spring combination.

  • Soft Mattress

    A mattress designed with softer padding for added comfort.

  • Single Sided Mattress

    A mattress which only has padding on a single side, creating only one sleep surface.

  • Single Pillowtop Mattress

    A mattress with extra padding on only one side, creating only one sleeping surface.

  • Split Foundation

    A mattress base that comes in two pieces to support a larger mattress.

  • Serving Cart

    A wheeled cart used to transport food from the kitchen to a serving area.

  • Side Chair

    A dining room chair with no arms, which is usually placed along the sides of the table.

  • Seat Cushions

    Removable seat cushions which are placed on hard wood or metal chairs for added comfort.

  • Slip Seat

    A removable, upholstered dining chair seat.

  • Serving Table

    A long, narrow table, with small storage drawers.

  • Sideboard

    A wide cabinet with drawers, used for storage in the dining room.

  • Stain

    A liquid that is painted onto wood. When absorbed by the wood, it darkens and alters the color while keeping the natural appearance of the wood.

  • Sofa Table

    A narrow table a bit taller than a coffee table, which is placed behind the couch.

  • Secretaire

    A writing desk with a drop-down writing surface.

  • Slipcovers

    Cloths placed over furniture for protection.

  • Snack Table

    A small, portable table, used for a single person to eat while sitting on a couch.

  • Shoe Rack

    A piece of furniture with multiple compartments for holding many pairs of shoes.

  • Serving Tray

    A tray with handles, used to carry food from the kitchen to be served.

  • Storage Locker

    A tall, metal cabinet for storing clothes and other items.

  • Shoji Screens

    Room partitions designed in a Japanese style, usually made from translucent rice paper.

  • Saddle Stitched

    A type of decorative sewing on seat cushions, used for purely ornamental purposes.

  • Satin

    A type of upholstery that is tightly woven and highly lustrous.

  • Scallop

    An ornamental skirt border made from a series of small semi-circles.

  • Slub Yarn

    Yarn in irregular sizes which creates upholstery with irregular patterns.

  • Satinwood

    A close-grained, hard, and durable wood in a yellow or brownish color.

  • Scroll

    A decorative wood pattern designed to look like rolled parchment.

  • Segmental Corners

    Rectangular wood panels with the corners broken into curves, which are decorated for aesthetic purposes.

  • Serpentine

    A decorative pattern in wooden furniture with a sinuous curve across the length.

  • Snake Foot

    A chair or table foot designed to look like a snake?s head with a pointed end.

  • Spade Foot

    A chair or table foot designed with a tapered, rectangular shape.

  • Spanish Foot

    A chair or table foot with a hoof-like appearance and a curved shape.

  • Stenciling

    A type of decoration made by tracing designs onto the wood.

  • Stile

    The vertical, outer uprights on panel back chairs.

  • Strapwork

    Furniture decoration made by gluing long, narrow strips of wood or leather in an ornamental pattern.

  • Split Leather

    Leather that has the top grain removed.

  • ScotchGuard

    A protective product applied to upholstery to prevent staining.

  • Shellac

    A natural resin that is commonly used as a wood finish.

  • Saddle

    A chair seat with hollowed out sides in the shape of a saddle.

  • Shesham

    A rich medium brown wood which is highly durable and commonly used for cabinet making.

  • Spruce

    A strong, lightweight wood.

  • Sweetgum

    A reddish brown wood commonly used in veneers.

  • Stone Laminate

    Laminate designed with a thin layer of stone over top, to give the look and feel of stone countertops at a lower price.

  • Slate

    A fine-grained gray, green, or blue rock that is commonly used in countertops and tabletops.

  • Sandstone

    Cream, grey, red, or brown stone used in flooring.

  • Sauvage/kela

    A two-toned leather upholstery where a darker color has been applied over a lighter one.

  • Semi-Aniline

    Aniline dyed leather which has been coated with sealant and pigmentation, resulting in lighter color and grain.

  • Suede

    Less durable than Top Grain Leather, made from the lower layer of a split hide.

  • Soaking

    A process by which leather is immersed in water to remove the salt content and make it more pliable.

  • Slipper Chair

    A small, upholstered chair with a high back and a low seat.

  • Shaker

    A furniture style with simple lines, tapered legs, and commonly having features like ladder backs and woven seats.

  • Salon Set

    A term for a complete, matched set of furniture for an entire room.

  • Shagreen

    A type of leather made from the skin of sharks, rays, and dogfish.

  • Sash Bars

    The metal or wooden frames that hold glass panels in cabinet doors.

  • Stump Bedstead

    A bed without a canopy or posts.

  • Surface Abrasion

    A measurement of how well an upholstery is able to withstand wear and tear.

  • Tight Seat Bed

    The back of a sofa or other piece of furniture, which is fully upholstered so there is no need for cushions.

  • Tuxedo Arms

    Sofa arms that are slightly angled outwards, and are the same height as the back of the sofa.

  • Tester Bed

    A type of four poster bed with a frame on top to support a canopy.

  • Twin Bed

    The smallest standard bed size, designed for a single person. Dimensions: 39 in ? 75 in

  • Trundle Bed

    A small, rollaway bed that can be stored underneath a standard bed when not in use.

  • Tri-fold Mirror

    A mirror divided into three hinged sections to produce three images of a person, allowing them to view themselves from the front and side angles simultaneously.

  • Trim

    Decorative woodwork along the sides and edges of furniture.

  • Tight Top Mattress

    An inner-spring mattress with a quilted padded top.

  • Television Cavity

    The alcove in an entertainment center where a television sits; the size of the cavity is important for determining what size television will fit in the entertainment center.

  • TV Stand

    A table or chest that holds a TV and other electronics.

  • Tee Seat Cushions

    A seat cushion for an upholstered chair, with front edges that extend in a T-shape in front of the chair?s arms.

  • Table Pad

    A protective cover for a tabletop, with a felt bottom to prevent scratches.

  • Trestle Table

    A long table supported by two legs with a horizontal stretcher running between them.

  • Table Lamp

    A small, shaded lamp, usually placed on an end table.

  • Throw Rug

    A small rug that can be easily moved, sometimes placed under a piece of furniture.

  • Tambour

    The rolling cover for a roll-top desk, made from thin strips of wood attached to canvas.

  • Toy Box

    A storage chest for holding children?s toys.

  • Tray Tables

    A small, folding table which can be carried to different locations for convenience. Usually comes in a matched set with a single storage rack to hold them.

  • Towel Rack

    A rack with one or more horizontal posts from which towels can be hung.

  • Telephone Table

    A small table with drawers that holds a telephone.

  • Table Mirror & Lamp Set

    A matched set of furniture which includes a small table, a lamp, and a mirror meant to be hung directly behind the table.

  • Throw

    A blanket that is thrown over the back of a sofa or other piece of furniture for aesthetic effect.

  • Throw Pillow

    A decorative pillow that is placed on a chair or sofa.

  • Top Grain Leather

    The uppermost layer of leather and the part with the highest quality, used for the finest furniture.

  • Teak

    A type of tropical hardwood commonly used in outdoor furniture.

  • Tempered Glass

    Heat-treated glass which breaks into pebble-like pieces. Often used for glass table tops.

  • Tweed

    A heavy woolen upholstery.

  • Twill

    Upholstery woven with a diagonal pattern.

  • Tapestry

    A decorative wall hanging made from woven fibers.

  • Taslan

    A fluffy, air textured yarn used in upholstery.

  • Tassel

    A bundle of loose cords or string, often used as ornamentation on curtains or pillows.

  • Teardrop Pull

    A dangling drawer handle with a teardrop shape.

  • Trefoil

    A three-leafed circular design often found in wood carvings.

  • Trifid Foot

    A three-toed foot at the end of a chair or table leg.

  • Trumpet Turning

    A leg carved with a flared end similar to the shape of a trumpet.

  • Tulip Wood

    A decorative yellow wood with red and purple stripes, commonly used in banding and veneers.

  • Turning

    An ornamental or decorative design on a chair or table leg, made with a spinning lathe.

  • Turtle Top

    A marble tabletop in the shape of a turtle.

  • Tile

    Thin, square pieces that can be fit together to make a patterned tabletop.

  • Travertine

    A porous stone commonly used in flooring, furniture, and fireplaces.

  • Tanning

    The process of making leather from rawhide by applying tanning agents to prevent decay.

  • Tawing

    A leatherworking process that makes the upholstery more pliable, stretchable, and soft.

  • Traditional

    A furniture style with formal designs based on those of antiques.

  • Transitional

    A furniture style that blends influence from various other styles together.

  • Tripod Table

    A small pedestal table where the pedestal ends in three legs curving outwards.

  • Upholstery

    The material, padding, and cushioning used to cover a piece of furniture.

  • Upholstered Chairs

    Chairs with padded and upholstered seats and backs.

  • Unfinished

    Furniture that has not been stained or painted.

  • Urn

    A tall, rounded vase with a stem and base, which can be used for holding flowers.

  • Veneer

    A thin layer of wood added over top of another piece of wood for aesthetic purposes.

  • Vanity

    A short table with drawers and an attached mirror.

  • Vase

    A decorative container for holding cut flowers, which can be filled with water to keep the flowers fresh.

  • Varnish

    A transparent protective coating applied to wood.

  • Vacuum Press

    A method of applying pressure to assemble veneer or other furniture parts.

  • Velvet

    A closely woven pile fabric with a clipped nap.

  • Vinyl Wrap

    A method of applying vinyl to wood or particle board, used in cheaper furniture.

  • Valance

    Decorative drapery across the top of a curtain or a canopy.

  • Volute

    A spiral or scroll-shaped carving.

  • Vegetable Tanning

    A tanning process using plant materials, which results in tougher leather which is less likely to stretch.

  • Victorian

    A furniture style with elaborate carvings, sweeping curves, and other designs reminiscent of the 19th century.

  • Venetian Furniture

    A furniture style with extravagant carvings and ornaments similar to Baroque and Rococo styles.

  • Vitrine

    A large, glass-doored cabinet such as a curio or china cabinet.

  • Wool

    A durable upholstery, but one which collects a lot of dust.

  • Windsor Chair

    A chair with a curved back reinforced with spindles.

  • Wing Back

    An upholstered chair with a high back with wing-shaped extensions near the head.

  • Wrap Group

    A matching set of bedroom furniture designed to wrap around a room lining the walls.

  • Wall Mirror

    A mirror of any size that is meant to be hung on a wall.

  • Wall Units

    Furniture divided into several matching units, which stand against or are mounted on the wall to provide shelving and storage.

  • Wall Clock

    A small, usually battery-powered clock which hangs on the wall.

  • Wine Rack

    A piece of furniture designed to hold wine bottles.

  • Wall Art

    Any paintings, pictures, or other decorations meant to be hung on the wall.

  • Walnut

    A dark hardwood commonly used as a veneer or in furniture construction.

  • Webbing

    Straps of woven fabric that are used to provide extra support for upholstered furniture.

  • Wicker

    Furniture made from woven reeds or rattan.

  • Welting

    Cord wrapped in fabric, used as a trim around upholstery seams.

  • Whorl Foot

    A chair or table foot with a reversed scroll shape.

  • Wet Blue

    Blue-colored leather, an appearance that results from Chromium Tanning.

  • Wellington Chest

    A simple, tall, narrow chest of drawers.

  • Waterfall Skirt

    A skirt on an upholstered piece of furniture that reaches from the cushion to the floor.

  • Wrought Iron

    A tough, malleable type of iron often used in furniture frames.

  • Zebrawood

    A light wood with dark grains that give it zebra-like stripes.